Baaba Maal as the New Voice of Marginalized People in Africa

Community Immunity global initiative is pleased to announce the appointment of the renowned award-winning international artist Baaba Maal, as the voice of marginalized people in Africa.

The appointment of Baba Maal is in recognition of his accolades and consistent commitment in using his art to give voice to the voiceless. He is a highly-regarded musician across the globe who is known for his engagement with marginalized communities and has spent much of his time mobilizing support and resources for communities and people living at the margins of the society.

Community Immunity, a partnership between the Southern African Trust, African Philanthropy Network and TrustAfrica, was launched to provide high-impact support that will bring critical relief to people and communities living at the margins of society. The initiative will also provide broad-based support to policy initiatives aimed at proffering long-term solutions that will improve the living conditions of marginalized groups across Africa. Towards this objective, the initiative will leverage on the public appeal of well-known celebrities, including athletes and actors as a platform to provide relief to the most affected people in society.

The partnership with Community Immunity will include organization of a series of concerts as well as outreach programmes over an initial period of six months to build support for the initiative.

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