Meet our Partner Voices

Artists and Public figures have always fulfilled a pivotal role in raising awareness and using their voice to amplify and mobilise support for critical causes. Community Immunity is grateful to have the support of artists from around the world who are using their influence to spread the message that we are not safe until we are all safe.

baabaBaaba MaalBaaba Maal is a musician whose influence extends across the world. He is a native of Fouta Tooro in northern Senegal who has devoted his entire artistic life to defending causes across the globe. In recognition of his contributions to society, he has been recognised as Ambassador of the UN and several other international organisations. He is widely recognised as a leading voice in the struggle for social equality and uses his music to campaign for human rights, justice, equity and good governance in Africa. Among the causes that are close to his heart, is the situation of minorities, marginalized groups and children. He has publicly lent his voice to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and has expressed support for collective immunity and far- reaching initiatives that will ensure that marginalized people are not left strandeed.SenegalLearn More
SoundzSoundz of the SouthSoundz of the South is a network of activists who use hip-hop and poetry to spread revolutionary messages, raise consciousness and critique neo-liberalism. The aim of the network is to facilitate and encourage a process of self-organisation against neoliberalism within communities as part of the broader struggle to emancipate us all.South AfricaLearn More
mailon-rivera-tieMailon RiveraMailon Rivera is a social entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, at-risk adult advocate and founder of URBAN ALCHEMY 360, a social enterprise with a focus on self-development, entrepreneurship, job creation and disrupting outdated business and philanthropy models. Oh, and now and then he acts on television and film in Hollywood appearing in over 40+ television shows such as CSI: Miami and The Shield.United StatesLearn More
berita-300x300BeritaBerita is an Afro-soul singer-songwriter who has won numerous awards with her authentic sounds that appeal to people of all ages and races. She fulfils her aspirations through social justice advocacy advocating for social issues relating to the empowerment and education of women across the continent.ZimbabweLearn More

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