First LiveStream4Africa concert featuring Baaba Maal

Community Immunity (CI) global initiative is excited to host the first LiveStream4Africa concert on Wednesday 5 August 2020. This is a global event headlined by renowned award-winning international artist Baaba Maal. Baaba Maal is CI’s voice of marginalized people in Africa.

DASH Radio is a USA based globally-enabled platform with 13M members which caters to music lovers of all tastes. In addition to Dash Radio, the concert will stream on Community Immunity’s social media platforms including Dash Radio at, YouTube DashRadio, DashRadio Twitter, Dash Instagram, Community Immunity Facebook Page Watch Party and our CommunityImmunityAfrica Twitter page.

The theme of the concert is centred on the opportunities afforded to the youth of Africa when they are provided with the support needed to reach their potential. Young people in Africa are the largest youth population in the world; the message of Livestream4Africa is that with the awareness, proactive support and generous donations, youth in Africa are able to grow into the farmers, miners, artists, traders and entrepreneurs who can make a difference across the globe.

Community Immunity, a partnership between the Africa Philanthropy Network, Southern African Trust, and TrustAfrica, was launched to provide high-impact support that will bring critical relief to people and communities living at the margins of society. The initiative will also provide broad-based support to policy initiatives aimed at proffering long-term solutions that will improve the living conditions of marginalized groups across Africa. Towards this objective, the initiative will leverage the public appeal of well-known celebrities, including athletes and actors as a platform to provide relief to the most affected people in society.

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