Immunity Through Unity

COVID-19 has reminded us that the fight against poverty and marginalization must be taken up with renewed vigour in Africa and globally. This is a call we should not ignore. Our collective immunity saves the world.

Meeting the Needs of Communities

Community Immunity will provide quick impact support to bring immediate relief to people living at the margins of society while supporting policy initiatives to provide long term solutions. Some examples of groups this initiative will serve include micro-businesses and entrepreneurs, miners, farmers, migrant workers, women, youth.

Impacting Regional Policies

Community Immunity will support research, policy, and advocacy efforts to combat poverty and marginalization at the systemic level and to ensure culturally contextualized and long-lasting solutions on the African continent.

Cross-Sector Collaborations

Community Immunity is engaging activists, artists, athletes, medical professionals, musicians, and other respected voices from our global community to raise greater awareness of the impact of poverty and marginalization in Africa and globally so together we can escalate the response.

The campaign will culminate with an in-person music and gala event, currently scheduled to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in May 2021.

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