We live in a world where COVID-19 is evenly distributed. But the equal opportunity to fight it is not.


We now live in a world where COVID-19 is evenly distributed, but the equal opportunity to fight it is not.

422 million people living in poverty on the African continent are facing the greatest risk of their lives. While the health & economic effects of COVID-19 ripple throughout the world, COVID threatens to plunge 1 in 3 Africans into the deep end of poverty. Join us to create COMMUNITY IMMUNITY.

We know the safety of those in our most marginalized communities is our collective immunity.

Yet awareness of our connection with our vulnerable sisters and brothers is almost non-existent.

To respond to this crisis, Africa Philanthropy Network, Southern Africa Trust and TrustAfrica have embarked upon a coordinated campaign that will raise awareness and funding to support those living at the margins of society.

A global partnership led by

Our Leadership Team

Masego Madzwamuse

Masego is the Chief Executive Officer Southern Africa Trust. She is a social justice activist and practitioner in the development and economics space bringing over 20 years of extensive experience working with civil society, community foundations and non-profit sector. She holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences from Rhodes University and  Masters of Philosophy in Development Policy and Practice with the University of Cape Town.

Dr. Stigmata Tenga

Stigmata is the Executive Director of the Africa Philanthropy Network (APN). She is an anthropologist with a career in community development and process consulting in government and civil society sectors and has led efforts for civil society and philanthropy to become key catalysts for development processes in Africa. Dr. Tenga is also the President of the Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania and serves on boards across Africa.

Dr. Ebrima Sall

Ebrima is the Executive Director of Trust Africa. He holds an MA in Economic and Social Administration from the University of Grenoble in France, a Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA) in the Socio-economics of Development, and a Doctorate in Sociology from University of Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne. Ebrima is a writer and editor on higher education, academic freedom, the social sciences, social movements, citizenship, governance, and post-conflict transitions in Africa.

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